Exchange Policy

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Our Mission

The Strainbank remains the most resilient local provider of authentic cannabis genetics and we back our clones with an Exchange Policy to ensure the complete satisfaction of all new members. There's an incredibly high demand for verified genetics and patients come to our collective from every corner of Northern California to grow premium cannabis. This service is provided to medical marijuana patients in Norcal for much less than the cost of seeds. Serious cultivators understand each harvest is an investment and for this reason do not settle for genetics of unknown origin. With that said, our growers can only do what's humanly possible to ensure each clone is healthy and properly rooted. Given the direction the industry has headed, we have done a terrific job remaining the only safe, discrete & legitimate source of marijuana clones since 2009.

The Process

We follow a very simple process; our growers know how long it takes on average for each to strain to root properly. After cuts are taken from any given mother plant, trays are tagged with a date and tended to until randomly selected clones appear rooted. This process ensures all orders are properly rooted into the growing medium because no clones are sold before the predetermined amount of time passes. We do not rush or shorten this process for anyone; therefore cuttings are not available under any circumstances. On average cannabis seeds take 3 - 4 weeks to germinate and reach the height of the marijuana clones we provide. Not only do you save time, but marijuana clones are guaranteed female while plants grown from cannabis seeds are not.

Plant Roots

Once a single cutting is rooted, it's safe to assume the whole tray is rooted; however, our growers still perform a "tug test" before each order to ensure a strong root system has developed. Waiting for "curtain-like" roots to accumulate increases the shock plants experience when transplanting. Why? Ideally at the moment roots emerge, they seek the next growing medium to continue healthy development. Roots that develop outside a growing medium require additional water and nutrients, otherwise they can become discolored. For this reason we offer pre-teens, which are mature clones transplanted into 3" Grodan rockwool cubes. The growing medium we use to cultivate marijuana clones is opaque and you would not expect to see roots. Only clones grown aeroponically would you expect to see roots because water is a transparent transport medium. Any complaints of "no roots" cannot be taken seriously if the plant is green and healthy, photos sent to our collective are required to adequately describe the problem.

Your Donation

The service we provide operates solely on voluntary donations offered to us by patient members. We do not sustain business receiving taxpayer bailouts and government subsidies. Everyday 1000s of people give money to international seedbanks generating millions in revenue without much hesitation. We are small group of patients in San Diego simply doing our best to select, preserve and share the most premium cannabis strains on Earth. We offer genetics, if you're just looking for cheap marijuana clones with lots of roots then search on Craigslist for the best deal. Our success simply allows us to preserve a wide range of genetics and continue providing marijuana clones for less than the cost of cannabis seeds. Each transaction is a donation to collective member from patient for plants. A donation can be defined as "the act of giving" or "a contribution". In other words, offering exchanges is an absolutely voluntary policy. We are not Walmart selling electronics, we are a genetics preservatory. There are entirely too many variables to consider when offering a guarantee on an item that is highly susceptible to poor patient handling or inexperience. If our collective replaced every plant patients mishandled, new growers we help would in effect discontinue the service for everyone in California.

Common Sense

In cases where exchanges are requested, we help those who remain calm, respectful and honest. In other words, we do not help anyone who is demanding or rude, nor anyone making false accusations and exaggerating the problem. It doesn't make sense for patients to leave satisfied with happy plants and then somehow plants become sad and that's our fault. If a problem arises, it's unnecessary to send long, inaccurate emails when photo attachments can be sent with a short message requesting to be contacted for help. For those reading this Exchange Policy, an ideal example message would read:

Hello , I'm having an issue with [x] of [y] plants and have attached photos for your review.  I would appreciate any help you can offer.  Thank you.

The lengths we go to provide superior genetics goes unnoticed and often unappreciated. We don't need consulting on how to grow taller plants with more roots. Before commenting on roots or height, remember clones cost less than seeds and guaranteed female. Keep in mind our genetics are tested by a DNA profiling facility and originate from reputable international seedbanks. Each successfully harvested plant will yield on average 1 to 4 ounces, a value often exceeding the cost of an entire order. Exchanges are often granted to those who admit partial fault and sincerely want to learn from their mistakes so that replacements have a chance to live.