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Our collective offers verified marijuana plants for sale online to medical marijuana patients throughout Northern California.

What is a Strainbank?

Strainbank:  A cannabis genetics preservatory of original marijuana genotypes.

The most potent and desired phenotypes are selected, preserved and offered to approved medical marijuana patients. All genetics originate from well established international seedbanks and the breeders they represent. If you're serious about growing authenticity verified marijuana clones, don't settle for less.

Buy Modesto Marijuana Clones Online For Sale

Cultivation Requires Dedication.

I live in Modesto, why should I buy marijuana clones from The Strainbank?

There are many reasons to visit The Strainbank. We simply hope medical marijuana patients use this information to make the best decision. Our collective feels we have the most diverse and authentic genetics in Northern California. Growing premium cannabis takes months, why not spend a few minutes making the best, educated decision?

What You Save.

We offer visiting patients up to 10% off.

Value.  On most orders, this discount covers your travel expenses to visit us. We don't let the cost of gas stop patients from having a confident growing experience and successful harvest. Cultivating marijuana is an investment of money and time. Many patients after setting up a grow room impulsively buy any marijuana clones in Modesto for sale.

Serious growers should be confident in the authenticity of the genetics they harvest. Our collective remains the only local source of flower verified, lab tested seedbank genetics. The potency of the flowers you harvest determines it's value and your ability to recoup the costs of nutrients, electricity and space.

Who We Are.

Your donation goes toward cultivation & preservation.

Yes you can find marijuana clones locally on websites like Craigslist.org or Weedmaps.com; however, keep in mind anyone can post free ads or pay to advertise. In other words, anyone can sell clones without being established and building a reputation for offering authentic genetics. If you're reading this, you have correctly used a search engine, such as Google, to research Modesto marijuana clones.

Search engines simply provide users the most authoritative websites, ranking them from most to least relevant. Nobody can pay to influence or manipulate these results. When visiting each website, take the time to ask:

  1. where do your strains originate;
  2. when were you established; and
  3. how are your clones cultivated.

Ideally this information should be online. Reputable collectives have nothing to hide and welcome these questions. Since 2009, The Strainbank has been providing Modesto clones to medical marijuana patients, caretakers & dispensaries throughout Modesto. Don't let excitement to grow marijuana clones in Modesto rush your decision; view our flower verified Strain Menu today!

How We Grow.

We have a proven method we never change.

Guarantees.  All Modesto marijuana clones are cultivated in sterile, enclosed environments. All genetics originate from international breeders who have built a reputation for having original cannabis genotypes. All plants are grown hydroponically so with these three factors, we can guarantee no bugs, mold or disease. All plants are grown organically without any use of pesticides. All clones are properly rooted into growing medium for immediate transplant.

Due to the unavailability of reputable marijuana shops, there are many new growers who want to buy Modesto marijuana clones and start their own garden. Experienced growers know the first several harvests become learning experiences and for this reason, we offer an Exchange Policy to our members who buy marijuana clones online. You'll appreciate the difference and together we'll grow far.

Looking to buy just any marijuana clones in Modesto?

The Strainbank offers superior genetics, not just random marijuana plants.

Whether you're a breeder looking to develop authentic hybrids from pure genotypes or a new grower looking for cannabis that yields consistent results; we're the best source of flower verified, lab tested marijuana clones in Modesto for sale. Caretakers, delivery services and dispensaries cultivating authenticity verified Modesto clones have a strong edge, standing out amongst the rest.

Your Message Matters - Order Clones Online.

If you have any questions or comments, please send us a message. Even use this simple Form to request a quote for marijuana plants or cannabis seeds. Want a Rep to call you? Leave your phone number in the Message box if you would like a call back. Thank you for your interest in The Strainbank.

We have worked very hard to update our homepage to better serve our current patient members and everyday website visitors. For faster service and to view an updated Strain Menu, use our new Contact Us form!

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Indica Strain Cannabis Clones

Top Seller - Blueberry

Indica Marijuana Clones
Relaxation & Serenity
High CBD Content
Treats Body Conditions
Night Medication

Indica Strain Menu →

Sativa Strain Cannabis Clones

Top Seller - Trainwreck

Sativa Marijuana Clones
Uplifting & Energetic
High THC Content
Treats Cerebral Ailments
Day Medication

Sativa Strain Menu →

Hybrid Strain Cannabis Clones

Top Seller - Master Kush

Hybrid Marijuana Clones
We breed tested SoCal strains with reputable Seedbank genetics ensuring
the most authentic hybrid
marijuana clones for sale online.

Hybrid Strain Menu →

Purple Strain Cannabis Clones

Top Seller - Purple Haze

Purple Marijuana Clones
These strains are for advanced
growers looking to cultivate
the highest quality cannabis
for medical marijuana patients.

Purple Strain Menu →

What do medical marijuana patients receive?

 Tradition.  The Strainbank offers authenticity verified marijuana clones to Modesto residents. We purchase seeds from various international breeders represented by Attitude Seedbank and flower verify the most desired cannabis strains available. Each strain is added to our Strain Menu only after the most desired phenotypes are identified and preserved.

 Value.  Don't unnecessarily risk money or time growing marijuana clones from illegitimate sources, such as Craigslist or Weedmaps, to save a few dollars. Anyone can post ads online or pay to advertise; dedicated patients research marijuana clones online to find the best, verifiable cannabis genetics.

 Experience.  The flowering results of our verification process are provided on our website to help patients have a clear idea of what our marijuana clones will resemble if cultivated correctly. Yields from each harvest varies on growing conditions. Patients are invited to send us photos if help is needed after any order.

Indica Clones

avatar Afghani Marijuana Clones
Flowering:  8 Weeks
Pheno: 75 Indica / 25 Sativa

The Afghani strain is a potent Indica genetics found in India & Pakistan, yielding a very pure Indica variety.

avatar BC Big Bud Marijuana Clones
Flowering:  8 Weeks
Pheno: 80 Indica / 20 Sativa

Also known as Big King Bud, BC Big Bud is the winner of Holland's world famous Cannabis Cup in 1989.


Blueberry Marijuana Clones
Flowering:  9 Weeks
Pheno: 60 Indica / 40 Sativa

Another popular Indica, theses genetics trace back a few decades making it very stable and easy to grow.

Sativa Clones

avatar Sour Diesel Marijuana Clones
Flowering:  10 Weeks
Pheno: 75 Sativa / 25 Indica

This east coast Sativa strain is well known for its sour odor; emits a citrus type smell during flowering.

avatar Trainwreck Marijuana Clones
Flowering:  10 Weeks
Pheno: 80 Sativa / 20 Indica

Another popular Sativa strain, its popularity is amongst most collectives as well as recreational users.

avatar White Widow Marijuana Clones
Flowering:  11 Weeks
Pheno: 90 Sativa / 10 Sativa

Known for extremely large amount of THC, this high potent strain has become a favorite among patients.

Hybrid Clones

avatar Blue Dream Marijuana Clones
Flowering:  9 Weeks
Pheno: 60 Indica / 40 Sativa

A California originated hybrid, Blue Dream is an indica growing strain with sativa medicinal traits.

avatar Master Kush Marijuana Clones
Flowering:  9 Weeks
Pheno: 60 Indica / 40 Sativa

A cross between OG Kush with Skunk, Master Kush has unique genetics able to grow very large yields.

avatar OG Kush Marijuana Clones
Flowering:  9 Weeks
Pheno: 70 Indica / 30 Sativa

This Socal indica dominant hyrbid is a medical grade strain praised by many dispensaries & caretakers.

Purple Clones

avatar Purple Haze Marijuana Clones
Flowering:  9 Weeks
Pheno: 60 Indica / 40 Sativa

Bred from Jamaican haze and other purple variants, this strain is one of the most popular purple hybrids.

avatar Purple Kush Marijuana Clones
Flowering:  9 Weeks
Pheno: 70 Indica / 30 Sativa

This popular purple strain is not easy to come by, known to have the highest CBD content in the kush family.

avatar Blackberry Kush Marijuana Clones
Flowering:  10 Weeks
Pheno: 60 Indica / 40 Sativa

A cross between an Afghani and Blueberry, this short Indica is a prized possession for any grower.

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Clones Donations

6 Min (No Exceptions)
› › 6 - 11* clones → $20/ea
› › 12 - 23 clones → $18/ea
› › 24 - 50 clones → $15/ea
› › 51 - 99 clones → $12/ea

* limited delivery times.

Tell us if you're new to growing for best results; we provide free consultation.

Teens Donations

4 Min (No Exceptions)
› › 4 - 5* teens → $80/ea
› › 6 - 11 teens → $75/ea
› › 12 - 24 teens → $60/ea

* limited delivery times.

Visit AptusNutrients.com to achieve the best results possible.

Seed Pack Prices

50 Max (No Exceptions)
› › 10 pack of seeds → $250*
› › 25 pack of seeds → $550**

* 2-3 priority shipping.
** overnight express shipping.

Prices include expedited same day processing on all seed orders.

Exchange Policy

You'll appreciate the difference.
Have issues? Read our Exchange Policy to receive the fastest assistance:

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Photos sent to info@strainbank.com are required to receive any replacements.

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